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In the contest between bat and ball, it is easy to overlook the contribution of great fielders. These extraordinary cricketers will not only stop the flow of runs but get a wicket out of nowhere with a stunning catch or an electric run-out.

But who is the greatest fielder of all time? Is it South Africa’s legendary Jonty Rhodes who flew to run people out or his compatriot AB de Villiers who ruled all three formats? And where does India’s best fielder Ravindra Jadeja fit?

Read on to find out the top 10 best fielders in the world. And how the knowledge of cricket’s best fielder can help you place winning bets and make some profit.

Top 10 Best Fielder in the World

The list of best fielders in the world comprises names from across generations. While Jonty Rhodes retired before T20 cricket, he revolutionized the world of cricket with his acrobatic fielding. Then there are the contemporary names who have mesmerized the fans across all three formats. Here are the top 10 fielders in cricket in terms of their impact:


Fielder Matches Catches
1 Jonty Rhodes 297



AB de Villiers 420 248
3 Ricky Ponting 560



Ravindra Jadeja 295 126
5 Steve Smith 281



Andrew Symonds 238 107
7 Herschelle Gibbs 361



Paul Collingwood 301 218
9 Faf du Plessis 262



Suresh Raina 322


Jonty Rhodes

  • Career: 1992-2003
  • Country: South Africa
  • ODI Catches: 105
  • Test Catches: 34

Arguably the world no 1 fielder to date, he displayed his brilliance in the first ODI he played for the South African cricket team in the 1992 World Cup. He dismissed Australia’s Craig McDermott via run-out, and South Africa won the match comfortably.

However, he shot to fame with his famous full-length dive to break the stumps of Pakistan’s Inzamam-ul-Haq in the same tournament. It is still considered to be the best run-out in the sport. The following year, he made the world record of most catches by a fielder in a match (other than wicketkeeper) by taking five catches against West Indies.

Touted as a legend at the backward point position, Rhodes stopped singles with his reputation alone. He taught the world how saving runs in a limited-over match was as important as scoring them. Long after his retirement, he remains the most sought-after fielding consultant for many countries and leagues worldwide.

AB de Villiers

  • Career: 2004-2018
  • Country: South Africa
  • ODI Catches: 176
  • Test Catches: 222
  • T20 Catches: 65

This superhuman has revolutionized the cricket field with his brilliant all-around abilities. Rated widely as the best fielder of the modern era, he has provided some breathtaking moments while fielding in the point or deep for South Africa. He was an excellent wicketkeeper as well.

De Villiers captained South Africa in all three formats of the game. His agility and energy on the field always drew comparisons of him to Jonty Rhodes, the finest fielder of his generation. A solid yet accurate throwing arm and quick acrobatic leaps made him a complete fielder. Being a brilliant batter, he could read the game and placed himself in critical field positions.

This kind-hearted, self-less cricketer bid adieu to international cricket in 2018 and later declined the selectors’ call to make a comeback to the team for the T20 World Cup 2021, saying, “I don’t want to occupy any youngster’s place in the team.” With the highest catches, he is the world’s best fielder in cricket.

Ricky Ponting

  • Career: 1995-2012
  • Country: Australia
  • ODI Catches: 160
  • Test Catches: 195
  • T20 Catches:14

A great batsman and equally brilliant fielder, this Australian former cricketer is the most successful captain in cricket history. Under his captaincy, Australia achieved World Cup triumphs in 2003 and 2007. He was also considered one of the safest slip fielders. With 364 overall catches, he is the world’s best catcher in cricket.

His unique ability to speed across the ground or hit the stumps directly made him a complete fielding package. He holds the record for effecting 80 run-outs, the most by any cricketer. However, Ponting was also known for his arrogance and lack of sportsmanship on the field.

His knack of often crossing the limits while playing his tricks and tactics to disturb the batsman’s rhythm hurt the fans and former players. The cricketer of the decade 2000 will still be counted as the best cricket fielder in the world.

Ravindra Jadeja

  • Career: 2009-present
  • Country: India
  • ODI Catches: 63
  • Test Catches: 39
  • T20 Catches: 24

Bestowed with the Arjuna award for his outstanding contribution to Indian cricket, this elite athlete is second to none regarding fielding efforts in world cricket. At his best from Long-on, Long-off, and Deep mid-wicket, his rocket throws, and great catching has turned the dice of several matches in favor of India.

The Indian swordsman raised the bar of fitness standards in the team and was nicknamed “Rockstar” by the Australian legend Shane Warne during his stint with Rajasthan Royals in IPL. His ability to bat and bowl makes him one of the top all-rounders in the current decade.

Quick anticipation abilities and always having that extra fraction of a second on the field were his trademarks as a fielder. He still plays all three formats of the game for India, so he will climb the world’s number one fielder ladder in the coming days.

Steve Smith

  • Career: 2010-present
  • Country: Australia
  • ODI Catches: 77
  • Test Catches: 141
  • T20 Catches: 39

This former captain of the Australian national team and winner of several ICC awards, including the Test cricket player of the decade 2011-2020, also has unbelievable fielding skills. Often at his best in the slips, he could patiently wait hours to grab the ball from the batters’ edge. The anticipation makes him the world’s best cricket fielder.

Known for his standout instincts, Smith moved from first slip to leg slip even before the batsman could connect the ball with his paddled sweep. He got the catch of Pakistan’s Fawad Alam however raised a talking point about the legality of the catch. The 2018 Australia tour of South Africa saw him equalling the world record of five catches in a match by a non-wicketkeeper.

His recent superhuman fielding effort against Sri Lanka in the second T20 match in Sydney won accolades from one and all. Fielding at the boundary, he dived in the air to pull back the ball inside the fence but, in the process, landed badly and suffered a concussion. He ranks highly as the best fielder in the world ICC rankings.

Andrew Symonds

  • Career: 1998-2009
  • Country: Australia
  • ODI Catches: 82
  • Test Catches: 22
  • T20 Catches: 3

A fine all-rounder with exceptional fielding skills, Australian cricketer Andrew Symonds was rated the world’s best cricket fielder by many, including the Australian legend Ricky Ponting. As per Ponting, Symonds was a better fielder than Jonty Rhodes and Herschelle Gibbs, owing to his taller stature (which gave him better defensive coverage) and greater throwing power outside the circle.

Despite his heavy frame, Symonds was a live wire on the field and had one of the safest pairs of hands. He could sense a run-out from a vast distance on the boundary as a sharpshooter possessing a deadly aim.

He was flamboyant on the field, but Symonds spent a significant time out of the team. His off-field misdemeanors included irregular alcohol consumption. He was killed in a tragic road accident in his home state of Queensland on 14th May 2022, at 46.

Herschelle Gibbs

  • Career: 1996-2010
  • Country: South Africa
  • ODI Catches: 108
  • Test Catches: 94
  • T20 Catches: 8

When the South African selectors wondered who would replace Jonty Rhodes as the best fielder in the world, Gibbs was the answer to their call. An avid rugby player, Gibbs was a natural athlete who took some stunners inside the ring with quick reflexes. Gibbs at covers and Jonty Rhodes developed a spectacular display for the fans with their fielding efforts.

However, he infamously dropped a catch of Steve Waugh in the 1999 World Cup match. He celebrated prematurely by trying to throw the ball up in the air before having complete control of the catch. Waugh had then said to him, “You have just dropped the World Cup.”

Australia eventually won the World Cup, and Waugh went on to make a century in that match. However, Gibbs’s career took a downturn with dark tales of match-fixing, alcohol and drugs, and his self-destructive behavior on the field.

Paul Collingwood

  • Career: 2001-2011
  • Country: England
  • ODI Catches: 108
  • Test Catches: 96
  • T20 Catches: 15

The winning captain of the ICC World Twenty20 competition in 2010, this prolific all-rounder was an integral part of the English team in all Test, ODI, and T20 formats. Fielding at backward points and covers, he created many breathtaking moments during his career.

An equally good slip fielder, his sharp reflexes and dives turned the dice of many crucial matches in favor of England. Known for being a quiet, happy-go-lucky cricketer, he had the knack for getting the job done with his persisting abilities on the field. His work ethic and discipline made him a role model for many in England.

Even after Collingwood retired from the international arena, he remained a forceful and productive leader for his county. He later got associated with England and Scotland teams as a coach and supporting staff. He remains a legend remembered as the best fielder in the world.

Faf du Plessis

  • Career: 2012-Present
  • Country: South Africa
  • ODI Catches: 81
  • Test Catches: 63
  • T20 Catches: 24

The fielding prowess of this Superman is considered second to none. He is also rated very high amongst the best all-format batters of modern-day cricket. A rarity in the game, the responsibility of captaincy made him an even better player for South Africa. He can be called a captain who is the best fielder in the world.

He once mentioned the secret to his success on the field: always wanting the ball to come to you and preparing mentally for any event on the field were the keys to doing well as a fielder. Diving techniques and target throwing practice to keep your arm healthy and accurate were equally important.

Faf won accolades for his dedication when he fielded in the Indian Premier League for CSK with a bleeding knee in a match against KKR. It was after he took an acrobatic catch on the boundary to dismiss Eoin Morgan. His cricket career saw a downside when he was found guilty of ball tampering twice, once each in 2013 and 2016.

Suresh Raina

  • Career: 2005-2018
  • Country: India
  • ODI Catches: 102
  • Test Catches: 23
  • T20 Catches: 42

Suresh Raina was considered the world’s best fielder in cricket in the Indian team as an electric in-circle fielder. He raised the bar of fielding standards, especially when the condition of fields in India was not world-class. One can barely remember him dropping a catch in his playing days.

The propensity to hit the bullseye even with half chances was the hallmark of Raina. This bubbly and chirpy all-rounder assisted India in getting into the finals of the 2011 World Cup, with two crucial knocks in the quarter-finals and semi-finals.

The Men in Blue went on to lift the trophy subsequently. The IPL Superstar also holds the record for most catches in the tournament’s history with 107 catches. This gem of the white ball cricket from Uttar Pradesh, who turned many a match as the world’s best fielder in cricket, took retirement from all forms of international cricket in 2020.


Who is the best fielder in the world?

Ravindra Jadeja is the current best fielder in the world.

Who is the best fielder in cricket?

Ricky Ponting is the best fielder in cricket, with 364 catches.

Who is the best fielder in the world in cricket?

Steve Smith is the best fielder in the world of cricket.

Who is the No 1 fielder in the world?

AB de Villiers is the world’s no 1 best fielder in cricket across formats.

Who is the greatest fielder of all time?

Jonty Rhodes is the best fielder in the world of all time.


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