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England and Pakistan have a long, proud rivalry in cricket. The two teams have traditionally been the most vital sides from the Asian sub-continent. They’ve played in Test matches more than any other team and usually produced high-quality cricket. In recent years, however, their rivalry has cooled somewhat.

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England vs. Pakistan: More Information about the Teams

Both teams have already played 91 matches in ODI. And the England team managed to win 56 matches and Pakistan – on 32 occasions. 3 matches finished without a result. So, we can see that the England team is more robust, but we can’t predict the future. All you need to do is check out the odds, analyze the success ratio of both teams, and place your bets!

England vs. Pakistan: More about the Upcoming Matches

In 2022, both teams are expected to play 10 matches. Some of them are scheduled for September/December, including 3 test matches and 7 T20 matches. These matches will be played during two separate tours of each team. Here’s the table with more detailed information about the upcoming matches:

Format Date Venue Result
1st T20I 20 September 2022 National Stadium, Karachi England won by 6 wickets
2nd T20I 22 September 2022 National Stadium, Karachi Pakistan won by 10 wickets
3rd T20I 23 September 2022 National Stadium, Karachi England won by 63 runs
4th T20I 25 September 2022 National Stadium, Karachi Pakistan won by 3 runs
5th T20I 28 September 2022 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore Pakistan won by 6 runs
6th T20I 30 September 2022 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore England won by 8 wickets
7th T20I 2 October 2022 Gaddafi Stadium, Lahore England won by 67 runs
1st Test 1-5 December 2022 Rawalpindi Cricket Stadium, Rawalpindi Check odds
2nd Test 9-13 December 2022 Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan Check odds
3rd Test 17-21 December 2022 Multan Cricket Stadium, Multan Check odds

England vs. Pakistan: The England Team Squad

As far as England cricket is concerned, they have been in a state of flux for the last few years.

Moreover, there is a lot of talent coming through the ranks. Jos Battler was named captain of this team and had the best strike rate. The team has some big names on the side, like Jason Roy, Ben Stokes, and Jonny Bairstow.

Some promising youngsters like Liam Livingstone and Alex Hales could make a significant impact at the next World Cup. They are currently ranked 5th in ODI rankings, but it is likely to change.

There is also plenty of pace and power from Stokes and Bairstow. The bowling department might be their weakest point at present, but there is no doubt that they have some exciting players coming up through their ranks.

This is one of the most exciting teams to watch, so it would be great to see them qualify for another World Cup tournament soon!

England vs. Pakistan: The Pakistan Team Squad

Pakistan is a cricket-playing nation, and it has been playing the game since the very beginning of time. This country has had many great players who have left their mark on the world stage. Today, Pakistan has a strong cricketing culture and a considerable following worldwide.

Pakistan’s current squad comprises many talented players, such as Babar Azam, Imam-ul-Haq, Azhar Ali, Haider Ali, Asif Ali, Agha Salman, and others. All of them are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way. They are young and talented and know how to play the sport well.

Pakistan vs. England: Overview of Your Betting Opportunities

The key reason to choose Parimatch for betting on cricket is that we have an array of betting markets. You can place only one bet or make a few if you want to raise your winning chances and win more. Here’s an overview of the most popular betting markets available at Parimatch:

  • Bet on the winner of the match: If you choose this market, you are betting on just one team to win the match. If you think that a particular team has better chances of winning, you can make a wager on them.
  • Bet on the team that will win the toss: Select the team you think will win the coin toss and start the match with a psychological advantage. Remember that the team that wins the toss can choose whether to bat first or field first. This could be a significant factor in the outcome of the match.
  • Handicap bets: These are bets on sports events where one team or player has a disadvantage, usually due to a recent injury or other circumstances. The handicap can either be in terms of points (e.g., -1.5 goals) or goals (e.g., -1 goal).
  • Parlay bets: Parlays are a type of bet that allows you to combine multiple games into one bet, thus increasing your potential payout. Unlike traditional bets, parlays require you to bet on at least three different games. The best thing about parlays is that they offer much higher payouts than traditional bets.

England vs. Pakistan: Some Betting Tips to Raise Your Winning Chances

Have you ever bet on cricket before? If not, now is the best time to give it a try, and here are some tips from more experienced tipsters that might help you get the most out of cricket betting:

Always check the weather before the match

Cricket is played in all types of weather, but the game can change significantly depending on the conditions. If there’s a risk of rain, you might want to avoid putting money on the match or at least stay away from high-risk bets.

This also applies to the team themselves. Some players are more comfortable than others when conditions change. If there’s a risk of rain during the match and the first pitch looks very dry, there’s a chance the players might change their strategy.

Learn more about the team you want to bet on

By reading up on their recent performance, their recent matchups, and their upcoming schedule, you’ll have a better idea of how likely it is that they’ll win the game. This will give you an edge in determining the odds, as you’ll better understand how the team will perform.

Make sure you are dealing with a trusted bookmaker

You should always trust your instincts, but you can also learn to trust a reputable bookmaker. Many online options are available, so it is easy to find one that suits you and your needs. Parimatch is a trusted and time-proven online betting website with a solid reputation on the web. We are licensed and have all the tools needed for successful betting!


Now, when you know more about both teams, it’s time to test your luck and join Parimatch! We have a massive collection of betting tools at your disposal, ranging from various betting markets and payment options to fantastic promotions and a mobile app that allows you to bet on the move wherever you are!


Who won England vs. Pakistan?

The England team won the last matches.

Who won the test series England vs. Pakistan 2021?

The England team won the test series England vs. Pakistan in 2021.

How to bet on England vs. Pakistan matches?

First, you must register your Parimatch account and top it up. After that, choose the match you want to bet on, analyze the odds, and place your bets. Now, just wait for the match’s outcome, and if your bet wins, you can withdraw your winnings!

Where to find England vs. Pakistan live score?

You can check out live scores at Parimatch before the match begins. Check them out and place your bets!

When is England vs. Pakistan match?

The upcoming matches are planned for December 2022. Once we have more detailed information about the upcoming matches, we’ll publish this information at Parimatch!

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