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Do you feel the need? The need for speed? The world of cricket is filled with fast bowlers who can unsettle the batsmen with their pace. A select few, however, have gone a step further and etched their names in the fastest bowler list.

But who is the world’s fastest bowler? Is it Pakistan’s mercurial pacer Shoaib Akhtar or Aussie spearhead Brett Lee? And where does New Zealand’s Shane Bond feature in the list? Read on to find out the top 10 fastest bowlers in the world. And how knowledge can help you place winning bets and make some profit.

Top 10 Fastest Bowler in the World

While the list of the best world fast bowlers is dominated by Australians, there are fiery pacers from all over the world that have terrorized the batsmen. However, India’s fastest bowler doesn’t feature in the top 10. Here are the fastest bowlers of all time.


Bowler Fastest delivery Country Against Year
1 Shoaib Akhtar 161.3 km/hr Pakistan England



Shaun Tait 161.1 km/hr Australia England 2010
3 Brett Lee 160.8 km/hr Australia New Zealand



Jeff Thomson 160.6 km/hr Australia West Indies 1975
5 Mitchell Starc 160.4 km/hr Australia New Zealand



Andy Roberts 159.5 km/hr West Indies Australia 1975
7 Fidel Edwards 157.7 km/hr West Indies South Africa



Mitchell Johnson 156.8 km/hr Australia England 2013
9 Mohammad Sami 156.4 km/hr Pakistan Zimbabwe



Shane Bond 156.4 km/hr New Zealand India 2001

Shoaib Akhtar

  • Born: 13 August 1975
  • Nickname: The Rawalpindi Express
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 161.3 km/h

Making his debut in the late 90s, he was the first bowler in international cricket to break the barrier of 100 mph. The legend recorded the fastest bowl to date at 161.30 kph during the 2003 World Cup match against England. He was well ahead of the Indian fastest bowler in cricket history.

A natural successor of the fast bowling legacy in Pakistan, he arrived at the world stage by going past the defense of the world’s best batsman Rahul Dravid and Sachin Tendulkar off successive deliveries at Eden Gardens. It was the first ball he ever bowled to Sachin.

However, he was often accused of unsportsmanlike conduct as well. His unimaginably long misdemeanors included ball tempering offenses, doubts in bowling action, scuffles with his teammates, bans, fines, and the most damaging doping charges in 2006.

He was caught by PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) using performance-enhancing drugs just before the Champions Trophy event. Due to his 161.3 km/h delivery, Akhtar remains the fastest bowler in the world.

Shaun Tait

  • Born: 22 February 1983
  • Nickname: Sloon (wild thing)
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 161.1 km/h

Known for his brutal fast bowling since his debut in 2004, he played a significant role in Australia’s World cup triumph in 2007 in the Caribbean. The same year he won the ICC emerging player of the Year award. His fastest delivery came in the 2010 ODI against England at Lords.

However, while Shoaib Akhtar and Brett Lee became legendary world fastest bowlers in cricket, Shaun Tait lost out in the race due to his lack of speed control. He went on in his short career as the wild thing with only speed but no direction resulting in too many expensive spells. His muscular and shoulder-strong action remained unrefined throughout his career.

Not willing to cut down on pace, his body found the physical and emotional exhaustion too tough to handle. He was done with first-class cricket by the age of 25.

Brett Lee

  • Born: 8 November 1976
  • Nickname: Binga
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 160.8 km/h

Known to be an exponent of raw pace, this Australian legend ruled the world of cricket for almost 13 years in his career post his debut in the late 90s. He was the first Australian fast bowler after the great Dennis Lillee to take five wickets on his Test debut.

His charging run-up and the trademark chainsaw post-wicket celebration were usual sights when he operated. Outswings with the new ball, reverse swing with the old one, and a consistent 150 kph pace made him a batsman’s nightmare in all three game formats. He is still considered one of the highest speed bowlers in the world.

In 2001, one of his deliveries against the West Indies was clocked at 161.80. However, it was later found to be an error in the measurement of a 142 kph delivery. Lee’s fastest delivery came in 2005 against New Zealand at 160.8 kph. The same year, he declared that he would sacrifice pace and focus on “line and length.”

Jeff Thomson

  • Born: 16 August 1950
  • Nickname: Thommo
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 160.6 km/h

Yet another Australian on the list of fiery fast bowlers, Jeff Thomson’s aggressive approach made the batsmen hold their breath while he approached the crease. Rated as one of the fastest bowlers ever since his debut in 1972, Thommo and his unusual slinging action allowed him to unleash quick bouncers at will on his opponents.

A naturally fit athlete formed a deadly fast bowling duo along with Dennis Lillee to terrify the batters around the world. He once admitted during a TV interview before a Test against England that he likes hitting the batters more than getting them out. He wants blood on the pitch rather than flying stumps.

His near-bored jogging run-up was highly deceptive and hardly revealed what was in store for the batsman. In 1975, while playing against West Indies, Jeff Thomson bowled a 160.60 kph delivery which is known to be the fastest of that era.

Mitchell Starc

  • Born: 30 January 1990
  • Batting: Left-hand bat
  • Bowling: Left-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 160.4 km/h

Arguably the best fast bowler in the world now, Mitchell Starc has remained the staple of

the Australian attack since he made his debut in 2010. The Man of the Match in the 2015 World Cup, which Australia won, is known to make life uncomfortable for opposition batsmen in all three game formats.

He was also the highest wicket-taker in the 2019 World Cup, with 27 wickets. He still holds the record of being the fastest to 150 ODI wickets worldwide. In 2015, Starc recorded one of the fastest deliveries in a test match, 160.4 kph against New Zealand. He is the world’s fastest bowler in 2022.

Andy Roberts

  • Born: 29 January 1951
  • Nickname: Hit Man
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 159.5 km/h

A perfectionist at the art of bowling bouncers, Andy Roberts formed the part of a devastating fast bowling quartet of the West Indian team. He played along with Michael Holding, Joel Garner, and Colin Croft after his debut in 1974. It took the devastating fast bowler less than two and a half years to reach 100 wickets, the quickest during that time.

Part of the World Cup-winning West Indian team in 1975 and 1979, his pace and bounce struck many painful blows to opposition batters. He often used his deceptive expressionless looks as part of his ploy to lull the batsman into a false sense of security before dealing a lethal blow with his pacy bouncer. In 1975 he recorded the fastest delivery at 159.5 kph against Australia in Perth.

Fidel Edwards

  • Born: 06 February 1982
  • Nickname: Castro
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 157.7 km/h

Edwards had a dream debut in 2003 when he got inducted into the West Indian team with just one domestic match under his belt. His spectacular performance in the first Test and ODI match earned laurels. With an action somewhat like Jeff Thomson, he can bowl both fast swinging deliveries and apply reverse swing with the older ball.

Although all that, Edwards has consistently failed to perform at the highest level. He has struggled with his recurring back injuries. He does not consider himself to be an out-and-out pacer anymore. Edwards last played an ODI in 2009 and made his comeback in the T20 format in 2021 after eight long years. He bowled the fastest delivery of 157.7 kph against South Africa in 2003.

Mitchell Johnson

  • Born: 02 November 1981
  • Nickname: Midge
  • Batting: Left-hand bat
  • Bowling: Left-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 156.8 km/h

Spotted first by Dennis Lillee in 2005, this southpaw thrived in the cricket world throughout his 10-year career with his tight line and length combined with raw pace. A master at delivering ‘chin music,’ he played a crucial role in Australia’s winning performances in 4 ICC events – 2 world cups in 2007 and 2015 and 2 Champions trophies in 2006 and 2009.

Decorated twice with ICC player of the year in 2009 and 2014, Dennis Lillee once hailed him as a “once in a generation” bowler. With his slinging action, he consistently touched the 150 kph mark even on flat wickets of the subcontinent. His fastest delivery was recorded at 156.8 kph against England at Melbourne cricket ground in 2013.

Mohammad Sami

  • Born: 24 February 1981
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 156.4 km/h

Touted as modern Malcolm Marshall, he had a stellar start to his international career in 2001. He created a world cricket record for any debutant by scalping 8 News Zealand wickets in his opening Test match. He went on to take hat-tricks in both ODI and Tests soon after to become one of the only two bowlers besides Wasim Akram, to achieve this unique feat. He was quicker than the fastest bowler in India.

But post those early years, he failed to deliver on the expectation of becoming a top bowler in the world. Poor form and tendency of leaking runs saw him earn the disrepute of bowling the longest over in an ODI history with a 17-ball over against Bangladesh in 2004, which consisted of 7 wides and 4 no balls.

His promising career took a downturn post-2006, although he kept making a comeback to the Pakistan team through his excellent performances in various Leagues that he played in his career. His fastest delivery was recorded at 156.4 kph during the game against Zimbabwe in 2003 at Sharjah.

Shane Bond

  • Born: 7 June 1975
  • Nickname: Bondy, 007
  • Batting: Right-hand bat
  • Bowling: Right-arm fast
  • Fastest delivery: 156.4 km/h

Arguably the best fast bowler produced in New Zealand post-Hadlee era, Bond’s pace and accuracy brought him success early in his international career against the mighty Australians in 2002. Ricky Ponting was his bunny as he dismissed him seven times in his ODI career.

He still enjoys the record for a second-best strike rate of 38.7 in the longest game format (amongst bowlers who have bowled more than 2500 deliveries). However, frequent injuries shortened his career. Out of the 307 matches played by New Zealand during his career, he could manage to play only 120 of them due to his ordeal with injuries, especially his back injury.

The speedster known for touching 150 kph consistently remained the strike bowler for New Zealand. He was the fastest New Zealander to reach 100 ODI wickets in just 54 games. He registered his fastest delivery at 156.4 kph during the 2003 World Cup.

Bond rounds up the list of the fastest bowlers in the world.


Who is the fastest bowler in the world?

Shoaib Akhtar remains the fastest bowler with his delivery of 161.3kmph.

Who is the fastest bowler in India?

Umran Malik is the fastest Indian bowler after bowling at 156.9 kph for Sunrisers Hyderabad against Delhi Capitals.

What is the highest ball speed in cricket?

Pakistan’s Shoaib Akhtar bowled the fastest ball to date at 161.30 kph during the 2003 World Cup match against England.


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