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Parimatch offers secure and protected online betting. And if you’re ready to make your first deposit and get started, this article will take you through all the steps and important info for your first deposit. Luckily, there are plenty of payment options available, and the process is quick and straightforward.

One important piece of information is that you need to have a registered account. For the ultimate convenience, download the Parimatch app. This is by far the easiest way to start Parimatch betting and enjoy your experience to the fullest.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted on Parimatch?

You can make a deposit through more than a dozen Parimatch payment methods — from electronic payment systems and regular banking to cryptocurrencies. This makes it convenient for an average bettor as they aren’t limited to virtual terminals they don’t like using. Below are brief descriptions of each type.

Please note that for security reasons withdrawing is available with the same method you used to replenish your balance.

Electronic Payment Systems

Method Min. amount Max. Amount
Paytm 2,000 INR 70,000 INR
UPI 200 INR 40,000 INR
Neteller 800 INR 2,300 INR
Skrill 800 INR ∞ INR
PhonePe Direct 500 INR 100,000 INR

* Please note that some methods could be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. Contact the Parimatch support team in case of any issues.

Paytm is one of the largest mobile commerce platforms and electronic wallets in India. And with such favorable terms for Parimatch users, it’s the top option for making deposits on the app.


Method Min. amount Max. Amount Fee Processing time
Bitcoin  0.0001 BTC Unlimited 0% Instant
Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH Unlimited 0% Instant
Litecoin 0.033 LTC Unlimited 0% Instant
Ethereum  0.01 ET Unlimited 0% Instant
Tether 5 USDTT Unlimited 0% Instant

Finally, there are BTC transfers that are by far the most popular out of all crypto options. There aren’t necessarily better terms, but since it’s the most used crypto coin, it’s the leading option in our Bitcoin casino.

What Currencies Are Accepted on Parimatch?

So, at Parimatch, we give our members a variety of payment options, but we don’t stop there. We accept deposits in Indian rupees but the payment services we use allow you to easily convert various currencies into INR.

So don’t worry if your account is opened in USD, EUR, or another currency. Most likely, you’ll be able to replenish the balance easily. However, be sure to check the terms of your payment system beforehand.

What Is the Minimum Deposit on Parimatch?

With our Parimatch minimum bet amount as low as 10 INR, we are really glad to offer you an affordable Parimatch minimum deposit amount. But the minimum amount depends on the vendor, and it matters whether you’re using an e-wallet or a bank. For example:

  • Paytm: 2,000 INR
  • UPI: 200 INR
  • Bitcoin: 0.0001 BTC

Don’t confuse the general Parimatch minimum deposit India amount with the deposit bonus – the minimum amount to qualify for the welcome bonus or Parimatch first deposit bonus. The latter is 200 INR.

How to Deposit Money in Parimatch

Below, we describe a few simple steps on how to deposit on Parimatch account. In our example, we will describe mobile payments since it’s the easiest way to top up your account.

1. Create an Account or Log In

Sign up and Log in buttons on Parimatch

Sign up form on Parimatch

Download the Parimatch app and go to “Profile”. If you don’t have a registered account, tap on “Sign up” and fill up the details. If you already have an account, tap on “Log in” and enter your account details.

2. Go to Deposits

When you open your personal account, you’ll see your balance on the top of the screen and the green “Deposit” button. Tap on it to move on.

A Deposit button on Parimatch

3. Choose the Payment Method

You’ll see a selection of payment providers currently accepted by Parimatch. Scroll through the page and pick the method you’d like to deposit with.

Deposit methods on Parimatch

4. Enter the Deposit Amount

Specify how much you want to deposit right now. Remember about the minimums for each of Parimatch deposit methods (if you’re not sure, it will be displayed on the page above the amount). Tap “Continue” and fill in the details. Tap “Continue” once again, and you’re done!

In our next article, we’re covering how to withdraw money from your mobile phone.

Depositing 1000 INR to Parimatch


How do I deposit money into Parimatch?

Answering the question of “how to deposit in Parimatch,” you need to open Parimatch website or download the Parimatch app and sign in (or create an account if you’re a new user), go to “Deposits,” choose a suitable payment method and enter the amount you want to deposit.

I have a Parimatch deposit problem, what to do?

Contact Parimatch support – we are happy to help you 24/7

What is the minimum deposit in Parimatch?

Parimatch minimum deposit depends on the payment method. For some, it’s 200 INR, for another method – it’s 500 INR, etc. When you make a deposit, you will be shown both the minimum and the maximum deposit amount.

What is the best way to deposit on Parimatch?

Some of the most popular ones include Paytm, AstroPay, UPI, and bitcoins. Be sure to choose the method you prefer.

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