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The Indian Premier League or IPL has always been the most long-awaited and contested T20 championship globally. The main goal of each team that participates in this tournament is to bring their A-game onto the field and beat their opponents to get a coveted trophy. Teams are fighting for a so-desired place in the playoffs.

However, the ranking of IPL teams relies heavily on data analytics because cricket is ripe with data points. Overall, this game is a battle between ball and bat played across various formats. And a comprehensive analysis of games can demonstrate surprisingly hidden insights. Read on to learn the current IPL team ratings!

The 2022 IPL has just ended, but are already looking forward to the next IPL 2023 season to share the boldest predictions! Bettors need to do a thorough analysis of 2022 stats and decide which team is surely worth betting on. For you to make the right decision, we outlined the statistics of the latest season and previous years and now we wish to distinguish the next best IPL team which can qualify for 2023 final. We also created a guide about the best IPL players. So get the most out of our article to be highly prepared for IPL 2023 matches!

Which IPL team is the best?

IPL Points Table

IPL 2022 has ended, so we have nothing else to do but to be patient and wait for the IPL 16 season to start in March 2023. It means that you have to analyze the latest season’s results. Let’s start with the latest IPL 2022 points table to identify the year’s favorites:

Pos Grp Teamvte Pld W L NR Pts NRR Qualification
1 B Gujarat Titans (C) 14 10 4 0 20 0.316 Advanced to Qualifier 1
2 A Rajasthan Royals (R) 14 9 5 0 18 0.298
3 A Lucknow Super Giants (4th) 14 9 5 0 18 0.251 Advanced to Eliminator
4 B Royal Challengers Bangalore (3rd) 14 8 6 0 16 −0.253
5 A Delhi Capitals 14 7 7 0 14 0.204
6 B Punjab Kings 14 7 7 0 14 0.126
7 A Kolkata Knight Riders 14 6 8 0 12 0.146
8 B Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 6 8 0 12 −0.379
9 B Chennai Super Kings 14 4 10 0 8 −0.203
10 A Mumbai Indians 14 4 10 0 8 −0.506

IPL Ranking 2021

The previous season was fascinating and finished with the victory of the Chennai Super Kings. The IPL 2021 was completely different. Firstly, there was a huge influence of the COVID pandemic. Secondly, only 8 teams were competing for the title.

Nevertheless, not all teams were equally good, and some of them couldn’t achieve enough points to become a winner. Check up the below-listed points table and you’ll see how teams performed during the IPL 2021.

It’s one of the greatest tactics is to accumulate the statistics from previous seasons of the tournament to find the patterns of the game by particular teams, players, or even coaches. It may help to make objective predictions for future matches and win more! Watch the complete IPL ranking for the 2021 season:

Team Played Won Lost NR Points NRR
Delhi Capitals (3rd) 14 10 4 0 20 0.481
Chennai Super Kings (1st) 14 9 5 0 18 0.455
Royal Challengers Bangalore (4th) 14 9 5 0 18 -0.140
Kolkata Knight Riders (2nd) 14 7 7 0 14 0.587
Mumbai Indians 14 7 7 0 14 0.116
Punjab Kings 14 6 8 0 12 -0.001
Rajasthan Royals 14 5 9 0 10 -0.993
Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 3 11 0 6 -0.545
Gujarat Titans
Lucknow Super Giants

IPL Ranking in the Previous Years

IPL score rating is the first thing that must be considered before betting on cricket. For the past seven years, Mumbai Indians have won the IPL title 4 times. Currently, it is regarded as the most successful team of the IPL — they have the highest number of points through the years.

However, the 2021 year’s competition was unpredictable as almost all the teams changed their squad and bought new players. Before it gets underway, take a closer look at the below-listed table and learn the rankings. This information should definitely be considered while betting.


Sum of points in 2015-2022

Mumbai Indians


Kolkata Knight Riders


Delhi Capitals


Royal Challengers Bangalore


Sunrisers Hyderabad


Chennai Super Kings


Kings XI Punjab


Rajasthan Royals


Gujarat Titans


Lucknow Super Giants


Mumbai Indians: IPL Team Ranking

The Mumbai Indians are 5 times the IPL title winner and currently, it’s the most powerful and successful team in the IPL. They usually have the highest rating and the best betting odds. They finished the first two seasons of the IPL at 5th and 7th place. What’s more, during these two seasons, Mumbai Indians accumulated 14 and 11 points. In the 2020 season, they were the first in the league stage and had 9 grand wins and 18 points.

Check up the points table of Mumbai Indians in IPL chronics since 2015 and consider IPL team ranking while betting:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 16
2016 Season 9 14
2017 Season 10 20
2018 Season 11 12
2019 Season 12 18
2020 Season 13 18
2021 Season 14 14
2022 Season 15 8

Sunrisers Hyderabad: Ranking of IPL Teams

The Sunrisers Hyderabad or SRH team was founded in 2012. In 2021, the team will be led by David Warner, a professional cricketer. This team has been on the list of IPL winners only once when they defeated RCB in the final match of IPL 2016. Recently, they have bought a few new cricketers (Abdul Samad, Mitchell Marsh, Sanjav Yadav, and Fabian Allen) that might surely influence the team’s performance. According to the team ranking in IPL, Sunrisers Hyderabad is in second place.

Here’s a detailed table where you can find the points of SRH in IPL chronics since 2015:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 14
2016 Season 9 16
2017 Season 10 17
2018 Season 11 18
2019 Season 12 12
2020 Season 13 14
2021 Season 14 6
2022 Season 15 12

Kolkata Knight Riders: IPL Stats

The Kolkata Knight Riders or KKR is a well-known franchise cricket team that represents Kolkata in the IPL. Bollywood actors are the owners of this team and that’s why it became popular almost immediately after its foundation. The main thing that you should know about this team is that they hold the record for the longest winning streak by the Indian team in the T20s. On top of that, they were the champions of IPL two times — in 2012, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Chennai Super Kings and in 2014, they defeated Kings XI Punjab.

Sunil Narine is their best wicket-taker and Gautam Gambhir is their best run-scorer. Currently, this team occupies the third position in the general IPL ranking list.

Points table of Kolkata Knight Riders in IPL chronics since 2015 are as follows:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 15
2016 Season 9 16
2017 Season 10 16
2018 Season 11 16
2019 Season 12 12
2020 Season 13 14
2021 Season 14 14
2022 Season 15 12

Delhi Capitals Scores in IPL

The Delhi Capitals is a much-loved cricket team that was founded in 2008. This team appeared in the first final match in 2020. Shreyas Iyer is their best run-scorer and Amit Mishra is their most powerful wicket-taker.

They started well in the previous tournament and managed to win 7 out of 9 games. They defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore in the final match and completed the tournament second in the league stage. Now, they are one of the top four teams in the general IPL match ranking.
Here’s a detailed table with points of Delhi Capitals in IPL chronics since 2015:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 11
2016 Season 9 14
2017 Season 10 12
2018 Season 11 10
2019 Season 12 18
2020 Season 13 16
2021 Season 14 20
2022 Season 15 14

Royal Challengers Bangalore: Team Scores of Last Years

This franchise cricket team is based in Bangalore. The Royal Challengers Bangalore or RCB was founded in 2008. Unfortunately, this team has never won the IPL but the best is ahead. Between 2009 and 2016, they finished runners-up on three different occasions. Due to this, fans frequently call this team “underachievers”. During the IPL auction, they added Aaron Finch, Kane Richards, Chris Morris, and a few other players. Before making your bets on this team, check their IPL match ranking, their success story, and the injuries of players. This information will surely help you make the right bets.
Points table of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL history since 2015:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 16
2016 Season 9 16
2017 Season 10 7
2018 Season 11 12
2019 Season 12 11
2020 Season 13 14
2021 Season 14 18
2022 Season 15 16

Chennai Super Kings IPL Stats

The Chennai Super Kings — new IPL 2021 season champions! The team is captained by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a legendary and talented Indian cricketer. The main thing that you need to know about this team is that they have the highest win percentage rate among all the teams that participate in the IPL (61.28). What’s more, they already have four IPL titles and also hold the record of most appearances in the playoffs (for ten times) and the final matches (for eight times). Plus, they are also the winners of the Champions League Twenty20 in 2010 and 2014.
Check up the CSK ranking IPL before making your bets. Here’s a table that demonstrates their points since 2015.

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 18
2016 Season 9
2017 Season 10
2018 Season 11 18
2019 Season 12 18
2020 Season 13 12
2021 Season 14 18
2022 Season 15 8

Kings XI Punjab Scores in IPL

This franchise cricket team is based in Mohali, India, and is owned by Mohit Burman and Ness Wadia. They have made only one playoff appearance in 12 IPL seasons. Recently, they have been renamed as Punjab Kings ahead of the 2021 IPL auction. They also unveiled a new logo and bought a few new players. K.L. Rahul, a talented Indian cricketer is their current captain. Overall, they have 11 wins in 14 matches and finished as wooden spooners in 2010, 2015, and 2016.

Points table of Punjab Kings in IPL history since 2015:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 6
2016 Season 9 8
2017 Season 10 14
2018 Season 11 12
2019 Season 12 12
2020 Season 13 12
2021 Season 14 12
2022 Season 15 14

Rajasthan Royals Team Ranking

The Rajasthan Royals are from Jaipur, India. The team was founded in 2008 and is known for its potential talent. Unfortunately, in 2015, they were suspended for two years. Therefore, they did not participate in the 2016 and 2017 tournaments. However, they still have a chance to win the IPL as they have a few powerful players — Ajinkya Rahane, a record run-scorer, and Shane Watson, the best wicket-taker.
Points of Rajasthan Royals in IPL history since 2015:

Year Season Points
2015 Season 8 16
2016 Season 9
2017 Season 10
2018 Season 11 14
2019 Season 12 11
2020 Season 13 12
2021 Season 14 10
2022 Season 15 18


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Where to check IPL points table?

Parimatch is the ultimate source of checking the IPL points table. Here, you’ll find real-time updated figures, ensuring that you’re looking at an up-to-date points table. Not only that, but the information provided is vivid and does not leave out any vital entity. That being said, although there are numerous resources for viewing the IPL points table, Parimatch takes the top spot

Which Team is the Best in the IPL?

Mumbai Indians may be considered the best team in IPL history in terms of championship wins, with 5 IPL trophies. However, when the winning percentage is taken into account, they still trail Chennai Super Kings. Keep in mind, in terms of head-to-head records, Mumbai takes a point with 20 victories in 34 matches against Chennai Super Kings.

Who is No 1 rank in IPL?

When statistics for every season of IPL are considered, Mumbai Indians (MI) sits tall at the top of the IPL points table with 217 points. However, given what happened in the most recent IPL season, the newly inducted Gujarat Titans (GT) were able to secure the top spot.

What is the points of IPL?

IPL points are one effective way to track each team’s progress. It helps determine which of the final four teams will compete in the playoffs before deciding the final two for the cup finals. The calculation is pretty straightforward. The team that wins a match receives two points. The team that loses the game will receive no points. In the event of a forfeit or a tie, both teams will be awarded one point.

Who is No 1 player in cricket?

When it comes to the most runs scored in ODI or Test cricket, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is the best batsman cricket has ever produced. However, if you’re more interested in bowlers, Sri Lanka’s Muttiah Muralitharan leads the list with 1347 dismissals.

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