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The greatest thing about technology so far is that you can watch and bet on absolutely any sport you want. Moreover, you can enjoy cricket betting even in the mid-season when there are no real cricket events to bet on and IPL has hot started yet. And this is where betting on Quantum World Legends Virtual might be the right solution. Although virtual cricket is new in terms of betting, it is gradually becoming more and more popular among punters. At Parimatch, you can also wager on Quantum IPL Leagues, check out the Virtual Cricket League live Score, and place your winning bets!

Have you ever heard of this betting opportunity? If not, now is the best time to check it out and give it a try! Quantum Cricket League is a virtual league that enables all dedicated cricket fans from all over the globe to bet on cricket as this virtual championship allows them to see their favorite players in action at any moment! Here’s a list of all available Quantum Cricket Leagues:

Quantum IPL Legends Virtual

There’s nothing more exciting than betting on your favorite cricket team and earning some money. However, cricket championships don’t last forever and this is where wagering on Quantum World Legends might be the right way to go! These virtual sporting events unite the IPL’s all-time best teams and players. The playing rules are exactly the same as real cricket has. However, betting on Quantum World Legends virtual cricket is a superb option that enables you to enjoy cricket betting and earn some cash when there are no real matches around.

At Parimatch, you can run over Quantum IPL Legends Virtual live score, analyze the statistics of the previous matches, find out more about the teams and place the right bets at the right moment!

Virtual Cricket Quantum IPL Legends 2022 Table

Needless to say betting on cricket should be a carefully weighed decision. In other words, you have to check out the statistics of the previous games as this information might help you find out more about the teams and their general rating. So, analyze the table below before you place your bets:

Team Pld Won Lst Pts For Aga NRR
Bangalore Legends 13 7 6 14 2091 2168 -0.18
Kolkata Legends 10 6 4 12 1646 1559 0.59
Delhi Legends 8 6 2 12 1405 1406 0.17
Punjab Legends 10 5 5 10 1597 1608 0.03
Mumbai Legends 11 5 6 10 1800 1825 -0.25
Chennai Legends 9 4 5 8 1305 1339 0.27
Rajasthan Legends 9 4 5 8 1488 1483 -0.40
Hyderabad Legends 8 2 6 4 1293 1237 -0.19

Virtual Cricket Quantum IPL Legends 2022 Fixtures

Just have a look at the table with the fixtures of the latest matches:

Team 1 Team 2 Result
RCB Legends KXI Legends RCB Legends won by 15 runs
RR Legends MI Legends MI Legends won by 4 wickets
RCB Legends RR Legends RR Legends won by 17 runs
DC Legends SRH Legends DC Legends won by 8 wickets
KKR Legends DC Legends DC Legends won by 5 wickets
SRH Legends MI Legends SRH Legends won by 19 runs
DC Legends RR Legends DC Legends won by 1 run
MI Legends KXI Legends MI Legends won by 44 runs
CSK Legends KKR Legends CSK Legends won by 46 runs
KXI Legends RR Legends RR Legends won by 16 runs

Quantum IPL 2022 Virtual Cricket League

Quantum IPL 2022 Virtual is a tremendous cricket simulation world that guarantees a myriad of sports betting opportunities. Its main objective is to enable all cricket fans to see their favorite games and support their players whenever and wherever they want! So if you don’t want to miss this betting opportunity, go to Parimatch, look through the Quantum IPL 2022 virtual live score and place your bets right now!

Quantum IPL 2022 Table — Virtual Cricket

Eager to test your luck and place your bets on this league? Please, check out the table below. It might provide you with some basic information about the teams and their performance on the field. In doing so, you’ll raise your winning chances:

Team Pld Won Lst Pts For Aga NRR
Mumbai Indians 14 9 5 18 2184 2188 0.18
Royal Challengers Bangalore 13 8 5 16 2031 2034 -0.04
Rajasthan Royals 14 8 6 16 2222 2280 -0.31
Delhi Capitals 14 7 7 14 2344 2260 0.40
Punjab Kings 13 7 6 14 2046 2026 0.18
Chennai Super Kings 14 6 8 12 2119 2124 -0.39
Kolkata Knight Riders 14 5 9 10 2226 2199 0.13
Sunrisers Hyderabad 14 5 9 10 2238 2299 -0.13

Quantum IPL Legends 2022 Fixtures — Virtual Cricket

Keep in mind that you should also find out more about the performance of teams during the previous matches. This information might help you make the right decision and know what to expect from the team during the upcoming matches.

Team 1 Team 2 Result
Delhi Punjab Delhi won by 27 runs
Chennai Mumbai Mumbai won by 4 wickets
Rajasthan Delhi Rajasthan won by 5 wickets
Chennai Hyderabad Chennai won by 4 runs
Rajasthan Punjab Punjab won by 58 runs
Mumbai Kolkata Kolkata won by 5 wickets
Punjab Rajasthan Rajasthan won by 19 runs
Bangalore Delhi Delhi won by 23 runs
Kolkata Hyderabad Hyderabad won by 14 runs
Chennai Rajasthan Rajasthan won by 5 wickets

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It’s time to sum up this post! So you see that betting on virtual cricket is straightforward. Overall, it doesn’t differ from betting on real cricket. If you are an experienced punter, you’ll quickly understand how it all works. Moreover, betting on cricket opens an array of new betting opportunities as you can bet on these games at any moment. Now, there’s no need to wait until real cricket matches begin. A myriad of betting opportunities is always at your disposal at Parimatch!


What is Quantum IPL?

For those who are unaware, the Quantum Cricket League is a unique cricketing event based on the exciting world of simulation. It is designed to allow cricket fans to watch their favorite players in action whenever they want. Quantum IPL is a system designed specifically to enhance the viewing experience of the Indian Premier League.

What is Quantum IPL 2022?

Quantum IPL 2022 is a virtual version of the world’s most exciting cricket league, the IPL. Based on the simulation concept, Quantum IPL 2022 is meant to allow fans to experience the game’s thrills and chills. Not just that, thanks to such a robust virtual arrangement, users are blessed with an opportunity to place bets and win big.

What is virtual cricket league?

The virtual cricket league is an example of scientific and technological progress in the sports sphere that allows fans to see their best-loved athletes in action like never before. It’s more like a fantastic cricket simulation world that guarantees next-level excitement. The availability of a plethora of sports betting opportunities makes virtual cricket leagues more appealing.

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