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Online sports betting is more than just a trend. It’s a superb opportunity to enjoy the gameplay, make bets, and even earn some extra cash while betting on your favorite teams or players.

Some experienced punters manage to turn sports betting into their only income stream! But many sports events are getting canceled because of the COVID pandemic and there’s another problem for bettors: no sports to bet on. Such is the case with the postponed IPL 2021.

However, we live in a digital world, and there’s a new sports betting opportunity called Simulated Reality League or SRL betting. Thanks to simulated cricket, punters from all over the globe can place their bets on Simulated Reality League India even in the mid-season when there are no sports events. So, what is Simulated Reality League cricket? Let’s dive deeper into the peculiarities of the simulated match meaning and review its main rules. And, of course, Parimatch offers numerous opportunities for SRL betting!

What Is Simulated Reality League?

Let’s learn what is SRL match.  Simulated Reality League is a product of computer graphics turned into a sporting event simulating real-life scenarios and following the rules of an actual match. The main goal of Simulated Reality League is to virtually simulate the results of a real game, providing users with the most immersive experience.

At a glance, it seems like you are watching a real cricket game. It simulates the game on a ball-by-ball basis and allows users to be involved in the gameplay. Thanks to this, users feel as if they are involved in an actual match in real time. Also, there’s an advanced algorithm that gathers statistical data about all cricket matches to make sure the users experience a real-life cricket game, in terms of the outcomes. Firstly, the SRL was launched with the simulation of the well-known Indian Premier League. Currently, it’s a superb digital opportunity to bet on cricket in the mid-season when there are no real games.

If you have never played a simulated cricket league before, now is the best time to give it a try!

What is Indian Premier League SRL?

IPL Simulated Reality League (Premier League SRL) is a computer-generated version of the Indian Premier League games. It is the first of its kind and includes digital versions of the IPL teams that are guided by an algorithm based on many years of statistical IPL data. You can bet on Simulated Premier League teams trying to predict the outcome and win real money.

What is Big Bash League SRL?

Similarly, Big Bash League SRL (Simulated Reality League Big Bash League SRL) is a simulated version of the famous Australian Big Bash League. You can also follow this digital tournament and bet on your favorite games both in live and pre-match formats.

What is Super Sixes SRL?

According to SRL meaning in cricket, the Super Sixes game is the only international cricket championship simulated virtually. Currently, it includes the following countries:

  • England;
  • India;
  • Australia;
  • Pakistan;
  • South Africa;
  • New Zealand.

As we have already mentioned, the IPL was the first simulated tournament. Cricket Super Sixes was simulated after the IPL. And now you can freely bet on such tournaments as Pakistan Super League SRL or Caribbean Premier League SRL when there are no matches in the regular season.

How the Simulated Reality League Works?

In fact, the Simulated Reality League Parimatch is played using the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools. It generates life-like matches based on the teams’ statistics that cover a myriad of cricket matches.

As a result, artificial intelligence simulates cricket games so that they resemble real matches. In other words, the Simulated Reality League live streaming is very close to real life. Based on this information, punters have access to league table positions, scores, etc. Thanks to this, the SRL matches aren’t random and can be predicted.

By the way, the detailed league table is also similar to the real one. Look at the sample!

MI 14 9 5 0 0 18 0.421
CSK 14 9 5 0 0 18 0.131
DC 14 9 5 0 0 18 0.044
SRH 14 6 8 0 0 12 0.577
KKR 14 6 8 0 0 12 0.028
KXIP 14 6 8 0 0 12 -0.251
RR 14 5 8 0 1 11 -0.449
RCB 14 5 8 0 1 11 -0.607

What Is the Format of SRL Cricket?

Although it seems quite challenging to understand the Simulated Reality League Premier League cricket SRL format, everything is easier than you might think! The format is very close to the real IPL championship. It follows a T20 format; IPL SRL means that all simulated games are T20 encounters, where 20 overs per team is the maximum. Nevertheless, there’s one slight difference. A real T20 game lasts for three hours (and sometimes even more), but the SRL games last for two hours. This can surely save you time!

The toss is usually decided five minutes before the game. Plus, there’s also a short break after the commencement of the first innings. All the other rules remain the same as the IPL has.

How Can You Bet on Simulated Reality League?

What can be more exciting than betting on SRL league cricket in the mid-season? Right, nothing! It’s a superb opportunity to earn extra cash and enjoy the gameplay. If you have already bet on real-life sporting events, you won’t face any issues related to betting on SRL. Basically, you have two options to choose from:

  • Live SRL betting. In this case, you have to monitor the Simulated Reality League cricket live score and place your bets when the game is in full swing. Live betting is usually more exciting as you watch the simulated match, make predictions, and place your bets when the game unfolds.
  • Pre-match SRL betting. When choosing this solution, you have to consider pre-match odds and wager on your favorite team before the game begins!

On Parimatch, we have a broad selection of betting markets available for SRL. You can bet on a winner, a tied match, the team with the top batter, etc. Let’s take a closer look at each bet:

Bet on the winner

The name speaks for itself. Your goal is to predict the winner of the match. Usually, one team is more likely to win in simulated reality than the other one, just like in the real-world cricket. Check the odds for both teams, monitor the live score, and bet on a winner. If your bet is correct, you’ll earn money!

Tied match

A tied match is when two teams finish a match with the same number of points. Thus, there’s no winner. In any simulated reality league, you can bet whether it will happen or not.

Total runs by players

When choosing this type of bet, you are betting on the total number of runs by a cricketer you choose. This bet is placed in an “over/under” format compared to the number of runs suggested by a bookmaker.

It’s up to you to decide! Choose your simulated reality league (such as Premier League SRL), check the odds, analyze the chances of both teams, and place your winning bets!

How Do I Know Who and When Plays the Game?

If you don’t want to miss anything, you have to keep track of the latest news in this niche. And this is where you simply can do without Parimatch, your reputable and time-proven bookmaker! Here, you can always look up the upcoming simulated reality league IPL matches or check out Big Bash League SRL live score.

We value your comfort and do the utmost to provide our users with the latest news in this niche. A user-friendly interface, profitable odds, and a myriad of betting markets — we have everything to make simulated reality league betting enjoyable and profitable!

Simulated Reality League Cricket Live Score

Although live betting is not for everyone, some punters consider live bets the only right solution. In this case, you need to watch the game and place your winning bets in the middle of the game. You have already watched the beginning and can make some predictions. On Parimatch, live betting is also available. Moreover, we consider live betting to be an inseparable part of sports betting!

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There you have – everything you should know about the simulated reality league cricket meaning.  So far, the popularity of the SRL is rapidly growing! Moreover, this event is going to bring you income and an enormous amount of delight. However, the main reason why you have to bet on the SRL in the mid-season is the capability to earn money even when there are no real events to bet on. The markets are already available on Parimatch. We hope you understand the simulated reality league meaning. So check the cricket live scores and odds to place your bets right now!

Simulated Reality Leagues Cricket  FAQ

What is SRL cricket?

Answering the question of what is simulated match is, SRL cricket is a relatively new event that uses artificial intelligence and historical data to simulate cricket matches. As a result, players can get real-life cricket experience.

How to check Simulated Reality League scores?

To check the live scores, you need to go to Parimatch, find the SRL T20 matches, check live scores, odds, and finally, place your bets!

How is Simulated Reality League played?

Generally, it’s a product of computer artificial intelligence that simulates real-life cricket games. In this case, a sports betting experience is very close to real life. This sport includes leagues from such countries as India, Australia, England, Pakistan, South Africa, and New Zealand.

How long are SRL cricket matches?

SRL cricket matches last for two hours.

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