If you’re looking to play a game that not only offers unmatched levels of thrill and excitement but also builds several self-development skills that are useful in real-world situations, Parimatch poker may just be the thing for you. The fact that you can also win some money in the process is a definite plus.

But, believe it or not, there’s a method to the madness. Any professional Indian poker player will tell you that it took several years to hone their skills to the level where they now make a decent amount in winnings.

First, you need to understand how to play the game, apply a winning strategy that works, practice proper bankroll management techniques, and above all, enjoy the thrill that comes along with it. That’s the recipe for success when playing any poker game online.

This guide explores everything you need to know about playing online poker in India at the Parimatch official site, to sharpen your skills and ensure that you win money in the process. Let’s dive in.

Indian Poker Game – What’s the Difference

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of playing online poker in India with real money, it’s important to understand how Indian poker is different from regular Texas Hold’Em and a Seven-Card Stud poker game.

Well, there’s not much of a difference if we’re being completely honest. The variation comes in the way the players treat the hole cards.

Indian Texas Hold’Em

In Indian poker, once the cards are dealt out, an individual player is not allowed to look at their hole cards. Instead, they have to place these cards on their forehead for other participants of the game to see them.

When playing at an online Indian casino the value of the cards would be displayed on the screen for the other players to see, but you wouldn’t be able to view their value.

Once the first round of betting is over, the croupier deals the flop, turn, and river cards face up, as you would expect in any Texas Hold’Em game, and the betting rounds that follow thereafter would proceed in the usual fashion.

Indian Seven-Card Stud

The same concept applies to Indian Stud Poker. It is the same as Seven-Card Stud only that each gambler has to place the first card they’re dealt on their forehead without looking at it.

When playing in online poker tournaments, this card is visible on the screen of all the other participants but would remain hidden to you. All the other cards of the same rank are wild and you would be the only player who doesn’t know what that card’s value is. The dealing, betting, and showdown rounds of the game proceed in the usual fashion as in Seven-Card Stud.

It’s important to mention that not every gambling website offers Indian poker. It is, however, exclusive to a few of them, one of which happens to be Parimatch online casino. One of the great features it has is that it accepts deposits and withdrawals made in Indian Rupees.

How to Play Poker Online

Since Texas Hold’Em is the most popular variant you’ll find online, that’s what we’ll focus on. Here are the basics of the game.

A standard 52-deck of cards has four suits and 2 colors in it. The red suits consist of hearts and diamonds while the black suits consist of clubs and spades.

The face cards are the Jacks (J), Queens (Q), and Kings (K). Aces (A) can be used as a high or low card. You play against the dealer as well as the other players at the table. Each player gets 5 “community” cards and two “hole” cards.

The hole cards are secret to you – unless of course, you’re playing Indian poker, as detailed in the previous section. Your hole card will be used to make the best hand possible compared to that of the other players at the table. This is what determines the order in each round of betting.

How Betting In Poker Works at Parimatch

There’s usually a roundish marker known as the “button” that rotates from one player to the next. It identifies who the “dealer” is in the game. The next two positions after the dealer are the “small blind”, and the “big blind”. Before you can play your hand if you’re in any one of these positions, you have to pay a certain predetermined amount of money.

The big blind has to pay the whole amount. The small blind has to pay half of it but also has the option to match the amount paid by the big blind if they want to remain in the round.

Once the big blind plays, the rest of the players on the table can either “call”, “bet”, or “raise” the big blind amount or, they can opt to “fold”. The betting goes on to every player around the table until they match the highest bet so far in a particular round.

Once each player has bet on the “hole” card, the croupier deals a “flop”. A flop refers to the first three “community” cards dealt out.

This is followed by yet another round of betting that proceeds in the same way as the first round, where every player has to match the highest bet by the big blind. Similarly, each has the option to match, call, bet, raise, or fold.

Once this round of betting ends a fourth card is dealt. This is known as the “turn” which then triggers another round of betting in the same fashion as the previous ones.

Then, finally, a fifth card is dealt out. This is called the “river”. Each player has to then place their final bet before determining the winning hand.

Is Poker Legal in India

Gambling activities in India are governed by the Public Gaming Act of 1867. This 153-year old federal piece of legislation effectively bans all activities that would be considered public gaming. It is the reason why you won’t find any gaming parlors or physical real money casino establishments anywhere in the Indian subcontinent.

Online casinos, on the other hand, do not fall within the jurisdiction of this federal law since the legal definition of what would constitute “gambling activities” has never been amended to include internet casinos. This apparent gap in the law is what makes online gambling in India legal.

Keep in mind though that it also depends on which state you’re in. In Sikkim and Goa, for instance, the local state government there heavily regulates online gambling activities. In Maharashtra, on the other hand, all forms of betting activities including Indian online gambling are prohibited.

So, if you live in that particular state, playing a real cash game in an online casino is illegal as well. This is important information to have to avoid landing in legal hot water. Parimatch online casino gets its official licensing from the Curacao E-gaming Licensing Authority to operate in 60 countries across the world, India included.

How to Play Online Poker at Parimatch

First, you need to become part of the Parimatch gaming club. Here’s what you need to do to sign up in 2020.

  1. Visit the official Parimatch website and click on the Sign Up button on the top right corner of the screen. Fill in the form with your phone number, and check the box to agree to the site’s terms and conditions.
  2. Once you complete the registration process and deposit funds to your betting account in Indian Rupees, you’re eligible to receive the welcome bonus for new customers. The Parimatch poker signup bonus in India is ₹210,000 plus free spins on selected slots.
  3. Then, navigate to the Casino section of the site and click the filter icon to display the casino gaming categories available. You can choose to play video poker where you would essentially be competing against a computer program.

There are several variants available at Parimatch including Three Card Rummy, Deuces Wild, and several others.

  1. You could also use the Table Games menu and navigate to your preferred version.
  2. Use the demo version of the game to play for fun and get a feel for it before you place a bet using real money.
  3. If you prefer a true casino experience with a real-life dealer, you’ll find this at the Parimatch Live Casino. Some of the poker variants available include Casino Hold’Em, Texas Hold’Em, 2 Hand Casino Hold’Em, Teen Patti, and lots more.

One of the great things about playing poker at the Live Casino is all the special offers available to members of Parimatch. The weekend cashback no deposit bonus, for instance, allows players to request a 10% refund of all bets lost in live poker games.

The Verdict

Online poker at Parimatch provides a safe and secure way to indulge in your favorite poker games. There are several options available to players including video poker or live casino, where you get to take part in poker tournaments against live dealers and other players if you like.

All in all, the poker experience you get at Parimatch is truly unmatched when compared to other online casinos in India. We give it a thumbs-up.